A downloadable Prototype for Windows and macOS

Transform trash into garden plots and connect with your community as you explore the factory sector you all call home.

How to Play

Move Character - WASD or arrow keys
Move Camera - Mouse
Interact - E
Pause - ESC


Amila Nuhodzic
Isobel Shasha
Marguerite Dibble
Megan McAvoy

Nick Peek

Nick Peek
Noah Lenker
Teagan Cook

About Moon Candy

Moon Candy is a co-op game studio recently founded in the summer of 2022. We created this prototype over the course of 8 weeks to assess our ability to work together as a team to concept, build, and launch something from scratch in a short timeperiod. We're putting it on itch so we can show our friends and family what we created. If you've found this without us showing you the way: Greetings, internet stranger! Enjoy gardening in our lil' factory test zone ~


A Garden for Zone 47_win_11-22.zip 234 MB
AGardenforZone47_Mac_11-2022.zip 243 MB


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There were some really special and heartwarming moments in this, but what stood out the most was seeing another person tending the garden for the first time, I was floored! 

Awesome prototype, I'd love to see a bigger version of this concept!


so sweet game ...good idea